Project management and portfolio management integration trends

From the start in 2009, CoPrime’s leitmotiv has been “let’s do it simple”.
5 years later, the trend is confirmed.
With budget and resources constraints, organizations tend to adapt to the tool processes and become more “peole focused”. Their challenge is to conduct the change, not to integrate a tool.

As a result, in all the project management and portfolio management tool’s integration projects we’ve worked for, we see :

  • a larger scope (demand management, project management, portfolio management, resources management, reporting, financial management),
  • projects’ budget decreasing,
  • a shift in the spending, less specific developments to tailor the tool, and more training and change management.
  • a focus on the best practices
  • and this, whatever the size of the organization, the tool chosen.

As consulting company, our challenge is to guide the organization on the right path. Based on our maturity model in project management and portfolio management, we are able to provide a roadmap aligned with the organization challenges and processes and all the services to assist the organizations to reach their goals in a couple of months.

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